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About Eagle Bluff Skills School

The Eagle Bluff Skills School was created in the spirit of other folk type schools. Discussions of a Skills School began in 2010. Eagle Bluff was looking to diversify programming by incorporating more educational opportunities for adult learners. Eagle Bluff is known for being a wonderful learning center for kids, and there was an interest to expand learning opportunities to adults as well. The first Skills School classes were held in March of 2014. These classes included Cheese Making, Fermentation 101 and Food Drying.

Eagle Bluff Skills School offers classes, demonstrations and ecotours to help people lead a more balanced and sustainable life and to become more knowledgeable. The hope is that as participants explore the surrounding communities and gain a better understanding of the unique South Eastern Minnesota area they develop a stronger sense of place. Class ideas come from you. We have a contact form on our website where you can select themes of classes you would be interested in attending. Ideas are also gathered from class participants in a short after class evaluation. We also offer classes focused on skills that may have been lost through the generations.

Eagle Bluff Skills School instructors come from a variety of avenues. Instructors often contact the Skills School, expressing their interest in teaching a class. Other instructors have been sought out because of their expertise in a specific craft or skill. Since its inception, the Eagle Bluff Skills School has cultivated relationships with many instructors and continues to do so.

Numbers Tell a Story

Over the course of 16 months in 2014 and 2015, the Skills School offered 73 classes. During this time the Skills School empowered more than 370 participants to lead more sustainable lives through newly learned skills.

In 2016, 118 classes were offered with 56 instructors. In this time, another 300 lifelong learners shared in unique learning experiences that empowered them to live more joyful lives.

As the Skills School continues to establish itself, we look forward to having an even larger impact on our participants, instructors and community.